Family Intensive Treatment (FIT)

Family Intensive Treatment (FIT) Team is an integration of substance use and mental health treatment with child welfare services.

The Family Intensive Treatment (FIT) Team was created as a service delivery model to integrate substance use and mental health treatment using a team approach model. Heartland for Children recognizes that quickly taking treatment to the family is an important component for early engagement and retention in treatment.

In-home interventions and Family Mentors will be utilized to achieve parental engagement in services and improve safety and well-being for children.

The model is unique in that it uses mentors as team members of the treatment team to help support parents. These mentors themselves have experienced success with substance use treatment and have been substance-free for at least three years.

The mentors and clinicians play a vital role on the team, providing guidance, support, and timely response to parents who are working on their addictions and healing from the trauma they have experienced.

An abundant amount of research has documented the inter-relation between substance use, child abuse and neglect, and family violence.

The purposes of the FIT program are: to keep children safe; to develop a safe, nurturing & stable living situation for them as rapidly & responsibly as possible; to help their parents overcome their drug dependency

For questions and referrals:

Rhonda Coleman, LMHC
Program Manager
Family Intensive Treatment
1831 N. Crystal Lake Drive
Lakeland FL 33801
863.519.0575 ext. 7435


  • To keep children safe
  • To reduce the number of children being removed from their homes.
  • To develop a safe, nurturing, stable living situation for children as rapidly and responsibly as possible
  • To reduce the time children remain in public agency custody before achieving permanency
  • To reduce the number of subsequent removals from the family and thus the re-entry rate to custody within one year of program completion
  • To help drug-addicted parents overcome their drug dependency
  • To increase the percentage of substance-addicted parents who enter treatment
  • To increase treatment program retention rates after one and six months
  • To decrease absenteeism from scheduled treatment sessions
  • To increase program completion rates
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