Junior Advisory Board

Peace River Center’s Junior Advisory Board enables driven high school students who are interested in behavioral health to learn more, earn service hours, and give back to their community. At each monthly meeting, the committee of 20 to 25 students discuss current behavioral health issues impacting their schools and peers, plan and participate in events, and hear from a guest speaker on a behavioral health topic.

Members participate on subcommittees (education, special projects, recruitment) and assist with fundraising efforts including Full Moon Howl. The Junior Advisory Board is also responsible for the annual Feel Good 5K fundraiser, which raised more than $9,000 in its inaugural year (2017) for Peace River Center Children's Psychiatric Services.

The objective of the Junior Advisory Board is to:

(1) learn about mental illness and Peace River Center

(2) enlighten peers and advocate to friends, family, and the community

(3) reduce the stigma associated with mental illness

(4) use time, talent, and treasure to support Peace River Center and its mission

  • The Junior Advisory Board is comprised of local high school students who are interested in learning more about behavioral health and Peace River Center. They attend one meeting a month and are responsible for advocating for the organization and its mission, supporting fundraising and awareness events, and helping reduce the stigma of mental health in their schools and communities.
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