Five Habits for Good Mental Well-being

Make Connections

Everybody needs somebody, right? Social relationships are an important source of natural support. Being understood and heard by another person is a validating experience that helps us air out our stressors and gain perspective. If life has become overwhelming and talking to a friend is no longer enough, think about talking to a professional. Talking about our experiences helps us organize and process events, manage our emotions and move forward with a new outlook on life. Peace River Center's free Crisis Response Team is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year by calling (863) 519-3744.


Move Your Body

Our bodies and minds are connected. Individuals who regularly engage in some sort of exercise report improved mental health, less stress, improved memory, and focus, better ability to sleep, and overall better mood. Consider adding some sort of regular body movement like yoga, taking a regular walk, etc, into your routine.



Hit The Reset Button

A good night’s sleep is the ultimate reset button. Thinking, functioning and coping suffer when there is a lack of sleep. Consider adopting better sleep hygiene. Create a routine each evening in getting ready for bed. Set a target bedtime. Discontinue screen (television, phone, tablet) use about one hour before bed. Cut back on caffeine starting in the late afternoon.



Break Up with Social Media

Recent studies are showing links between social media usage and increased rates of depression and anxiety. While social media can be a great place for connection and community, it can also provide platforms for negative interactions and the development of unrealistic expectations. Our phones provide a constant link to others, but they can also cause our anxiety to increase by preventing our ability to disconnect and unwind.  Consider a short hiatus from your social media involvement to see what the impact may be to your overall mood.


Pay Attention to the Present

Becoming present focused is an important tool in improving overall well-being. You may have heard this being called “Mindfulness”. Mindfulness is all about slowing down and having awareness of what is going on internally (emotions, what we feel in our body and where we feel it, fears we are having, the things we say to ourselves, etc.). Once we have better self-awareness, we are able to choose a response that is more useful or productive. Consider trying the STOP technique:

Slow Down

Take a Breath

Observe your body, thoughts, and feelings

Process your possibilities, then proceed

Talk therapy is also a great way to improve your mental health and well-being. For information on Peace River Center Outpatient Therapy Services, call (863) 248-3311.