Community Action Team (CAT)

Phone number: (863) 519-0575 ext. 2001 or (863) 500-3780

Address: 1831 N. Crystal Lake Dr. Lakeland, FL 33801

Community Action Team (CAT) is a self-contained, multi-disciplinary clinical team that provides comprehensive, intensive community-based treatment to families with youth or young adults who are at risk of out of home placement due to a mental health or co-occurring substance abuse disorder and related complex issues.

CAT will provide family-centered, culturally competent services individualized according to the strengths and needs of each youth or young adult and his/her family with a goal of supporting and sustaining the youth or young adult in his/her family system, or the least restrictive and most clinically appropriate environment. Family commitment and participation are essential and expected for the success of the services.

CAT Services Provided and/or Coordinated include:

  • 24/7 On-Call Coverage/Support
  • Case Management
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Educational System Advocacy and Coordination
  • Employment/Vocational Services
  • Family Support Network Development
  • Legal System Advocacy and Coordination
  • Life Skills Development
  • Mentoring
  • Parenting Skills/Behavior Modification
  • Psychiatric (evaluation and medication management)
  • Respite Services
  • Therapy (individual, group, and family)

Length of Service is 6-9 Months

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals aged 11-21 with a mental health diagnosis or co-occurring substance abuse diagnosis with one or more of the following accompanying characteristics:

  • At risk for out-of-home placements demonstrated by repeated failures at less restrictive levels of care
  • At least two or more psychiatric hospitalizations
  • Involvement with the Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Multiple episodes involving law enforcement
  • Poor academic performance and/or suspensions

(Exceptions may be made for children under 11 if they meet two or more eligibility requirements.)