Club Success

Peace River Center's Club Success is part of an international program certified by Clubhouse International, which includes more than 330 Clubhouses in 30 countries throughout the world.

Club Success is a place for persons living with mental illness to build self-confidence and self-esteem while reintegrating into their community, becoming more independent and productive, and learning to live happy, healthy lives. In this program persons living with mental illness are called members rather than clients or patients because it helps foster relationships and recognizes the joint partnership that allows members to work on their recovery by completing education, employment, and housing goals.

Club Success provides a supportive environment where adults with serious, persistent mental illness can rebuild their self-respect, dignity, and abilities. Members who are interested in developing job readiness skills and experiencing an atmosphere of teamwork engage in real day-to-day responsibilities and take part as leaders in facilitating different roles from banker to secretary to waiter and many more. This program fosters members' desire to engage in real-world jobs by following a "work ordered day" as followed in a real-world employment setting. In this program members in charge use their skills to assist others, take part in leadership roles, and build relationships while working side by side with staff and peers.

Depending on their interests, members learn culinary skills by preparing and serving daily meals; run the snack concession stand; work on TV production, monthly newsletters, and other communication tasks; and plan community outings and onsite events.


  • Mental health diagnosis
  • Interest in developing employment skills
  • Interest in meaningful activities and responsibilities
  • Interest in re-entering the workforce
  • Interest in building confidence and self-awareness
  • Interest in building relationships
  • Interest in community involvement

Come in and see what opportunities are waiting for you!

Employment Support

As a right of membership, all members can return to meaningful integrated work.  Club Success assists members to obtain employment through some of the following opportunities. Though many members were once labeled unemployable, through the confidence gained by these employment programs along with the support of Club Success members and staff, they are achieving success in their employment goals.

Transitional Employment Program (TEP)

The Transitional Employment Program (TEP) gives members the opportunity to work in competitive jobs in business and industry. TEP jobs are part-time and last from six to nine months. Members in these positions are able to gain experience, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment while improving their chances of living a more productive, better quality of life.

When a member is given a new TEP position, a Club Success TEP supervisor trains the member and remains with the member on the job for however long it takes the member to become comfortable on the job. The Club Success TEP supervisor visits the job site regularly and accepts responsibility for the job, which ensures the position is filled any time the member is not available.

The TEP is only successful if the jobs are as beneficial to the employer as they are to the members participating. Club Success guarantees the job will be performed to the employer’s satisfaction, with no absenteeism, no additional training requirements, and no lowering of job standards.

Supported Employment (SE) Program

Club Success works with the member on building his or her resume, performing mock interviews, and providing transportation to the interview. Members in SE receive assistance with onsite training until the member is comfortable with the position. The SE supervisor works with the employer and the employee to ensure communication is occurring. This position has no time restraints and belongs to the member for as long as he or she does well on the job.

Independent Employment (IE) Program

When a member is ready to move into independent employment, Club Success assists by working with members to identify employment positions, help with resumes and applications, practice interview skills, and provide training. Members in this position have no time restraints and the position is theirs for as long as they want. The member takes full ownership of the position and can work as many hours as he or she can manage. Club Success provides off-site support and ensures his or her success through this support.

Contact Information

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