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I’ve been a patient for almost nine months and this place literally saved me. I was suffering from severe postpartum depression along with other issues. They were so compassionate and did not judge me whatsoever for the way I felt. The receptionists all are really nice. I see NP Alicia and she goes above and beyond to make sure I am okay and even lets me vent out everything that’s going on in my life. Even the medical records department is amazing! They did a huge favor for me when I was on maternity leave. Some of the staff even remember me when I first came in. Thank you guys for helping me. It’s a long road I’m facing to cope with things going on in my life but thank you guys for caring! (Google Review)

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (PSR) through Zoom has helped return my self-confidence and to accept myself. I’m know I’m not the only one who has been affected by the pandemic. I actually lost my job and I didn’t have anything left. There’s more important stuff to learn than just having a job. It’s a place to work and learn and I can practice my social skills. I’m glad I joined the group and am making progress. I’m not really alone and I have people I can trust.

I have started outpatient services with Peace River Center. I have been in several facilities in and outpatient in Florida for the last 16 years. Peace River is the best experience I have ever had with a mental health provider. Everyone I have seen from crisis counselors to doctors to outpatient counselors, even the ladies at the front desk have been caring and nice, and they are genuinely helping me. I have never been treated better at any other mental health facility. I’m truly grateful for the staff and how they have embraced me to help me get stable. I absolutely love my doctor. She is wonderful. I thank goodness I have Peace River Center in my life. (Google)

My self-confidence went from a zero to a ten since starting the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (PSR) Zoom groups in March of 2020. I’ve been able to accept myself so much better and to get to know who I am. These small group sessions have been very meaningful to me by being on Zoom with many of the same people and knowing we created a bond of trust within our group. The PSR facilitator has brought very helpful psychological projects that have allowed me to look within my personal life and has brought a lot of insight to help me with my past, present, and future. Zoom has allowed me to come to groups more often, every day, than before Covid. We have learned a lot of coping skills to help handle the stress in our lives right now such as, the rose bush script and the safe container/box to put our problems into when we can’t cope with them right now. I am blessed to be with PSR Zoom.

I simply cannot thank you enough for your assistance in making such a vast difference in Justin’s life. The last several months Justin has shown much improvement in his mental health and I do not believe that would have happened without you taking charge.

The kindness from you and the rest of the staff in the Bartow Facility along with a couple visits to the Lakeland Facility has made what can be such an emotional experience for a mother in desperation of answers for her son, a most calm, confident and soothing experience. Thank you so much for always going the extra mile.

As I read of mental health crises in the US and around the world, I cannot help but be proud of what you do for each individual family in our communities.


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With 27 locations, 30 programs and accreditation from The Joint Commission and licensed by ACHA and DCF, Peace River Center is one of the largest behavioral health agencies in Florida.

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