Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Common disorders treated are major depression, bipolar illness, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD and child behavioral disorders. We also treat co-occurring mental health and addiction disorders. Therapists may also provide referrals, as appropriate, for specific Peace River Center services such as Targeted Case Management, Psychiatric Evaluations, Adult Recovery Services, and Children’s Psychiatric Services.

You can call 863.519.0575 and select option “3” to speak to someone in our Crisis Stabilization Units.

Peace River Center (PRC) will never deny services to anyone based on their inability to pay. Services are not free, but we will provide discounts to patients based on family size and income. PRC accepts a wide variety of insurances and also offers affordable self-pay rates based on proof of income. Contact our Registration Team for more information, 863.248.3311 or toll-free 800.305.6780.

Please click here for a current listing of insurances Peace River Center accepts.

Yes! Peace River Center provides behavioral health and mental health services for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors.

Yes, we offer psychological evaluations. Please call our Registration Team at 863.248.3311 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

The first step to medication management is becoming an established client. Once you complete your intake appointment, you will be scheduled for a psychiatric evaluation with a medication management provider who will identity what medications are best suited for your diagnosis. Please call the Registration Team/Appointment Line at 863.248.3311 for additional details and to get started.

ScanSTAT handles records requests for Peace River Center. Please fax requests directly to ScanSTAT at 678.669.9756. If you have questions about the status of your records request, please contact ScanSTAT at 866.442.9026.

No, Peace River Center does not offer dental services at its Wellness Clinic. We recommend reaching out to Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine (LVIM): 863.688.5846.

Certain PRC programs provide bus passes to clients, but there are requirements. We Care of Central Florida offers Project Ride to Health for qualified residents. Please visit their site for additional details.

There is no absolute age limit on therapy because we have therapists who specialize in therapy for young children.  Hwoever, children five and younger requiring a psychiatric evaluation will be referred to a kids neurology specialist.

Support is the most important thing you can provide to anyone you suspect may have a substance use disorder. Take time to talk privately and frankly to your friend or family member you believe may be struggling with substance use. Let the person know you are concerned and willing to help the individual through getting the help and resources needed to recover. Offer to be with the person as they make the first call to schedule an appointment for a substance use treatment evaluation.

Peace River Center offers substance use treatment and evaluations. Call 863.248.3311 for an appointment. If the person is comfortable doing so, offer to accompany the person to his first appointment.

Developing a support system outside of treatment is also important so that support can continue once the person has completed treatment. Encourage the individual to join a local AA or NA support group. Offer to attend with the person.

One of the most important aspects of recovery is accountability. You can offer to be the person’s accountability partner. An accountability partner should contact their recovery partner daily or frequently throughout the week to check-in and discuss any challenges to recovery experienced. Many times, people in recovery fail to notice the early signs they are struggling. An accountability partner may be the first person to notice signs of struggling and point it out to the person, offering support and encouragement to assist the person with getting back on track and avoiding a relapse.

Please call our Registration Team to get started with services, 863.248.3311. They will gather the necessary information and complete the registration process with you. After all necessary registration documents are complete, they will schedule a brief appointment with a therapist. After your initial brief assessment, the therapist will schedule your intake appointment, which will be for 60 minutes. The intake is necessary in order to access therapy, psychiatric and other services Peace River Center provides.